Principles of Action


MyMETRO-is a company of reference in the metrology, consulting, training and buying and selling equipments, that develops its activities worldwide.



• Be Ethical
Run our activities in a just and vertical way, respecting all the stakeholders.

• Be Receptive
Identify the stakeholders expectations, complying with our obligations in good time.

• Create Value
Maximize MyMETRO value, creating and delivering value to our customers, employees and other stakeholders, within a developing sustainable environment.



Due to the capability to do interdisciplinary activities, MyMETRO offers services as, weighing instruments/scales calibration, consulting, training and industrial equipments buying and selling, meeting present and future businesses demands.

Acting ethically, receptively and creating value, with a firm commitment on improvement, MyMETRO wants to provide competitive solutions to actual and potential customers, added value to shareholders, a safe and pleasant working environment to our own employees, and a spirit of sharing with the community.

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