MyMETRO, metrology laboratory provides services of:

  • Weighing instruments/scales calibration using standard weights
  • Weighing instruments/scales calibration using the force measuring system (METRObet SYSTEM®)
  • Water and admixtures weighing instruments/scales using non standards weights.

METRObet SYSTEM®, distinguished itself by its innovation, ease of implementation, speed and accuracy of results(view presentation).

We provide services all around the industries, with a special focus on some specific sectors, like ready mix concrete, precast concrete, asphalt and aggregates.

We perform calibrations at customers sites, not disturbing the production process and allowing this way a fast service with strong reduction of downtime, accuracy of results and following advantages: - Costs, + Safety, - Time, + Easy, + Versatile and + Accuracy.


Compared to the method which uses standard weights, METRObet SYSTEM presents the following advantages to the customer:

- COSTS:Calibration costs reduction. The customer only needs to involve one worker in the calibration process.

+ SAFETY:Significant advantages on reduction/elimination of working risks and conservation of the ergonomics best practices linked to calibration process.

- DOWNTIME: The necessary period of time needed for the calibration has a huge reduction.

+ EASY: The calibration process is much more easy.

+ VERSATILE:It’s possible to load the scales in a few seconds. It’s possible to simulate loads as in the production process, but…weights or materials are not needed. It’s possible to repeat the operation the number of times requested, without any effort and in a reduced period of time.

+ ACCURACY:Very high reliability and tested. The load cells are calibrated by an accredited entity and the method is validated.

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